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We currently do not have any animals up for adoption.† If you are considering a new pet, consider adopting one from a local shelter or a rescue organization.† Check out the links below for some suggestions or if you are looking for a purebred pet check for a breed related website.


Before adopting a pet, please remember that having a pet involves both a time and financial commitment.†


Whether adopting a puppy or kitten or an adult dog or cat, whenever possible find out as much about the pet you plan to adopt and its parents.† If you are looking at a purebred pet or one with a distinct breed find out that breedís characteristics and make sure they fit with both your lifestyle and what you want from your pet.† Things to consider include size and activity level of the pet, grooming needs, sociability with strangers and children, ease of training, and any breed related health problems.

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Adopted at the age of† 2

American Lab Rescue


Adopted at the age of† 1

Dakin Pioneer Valley

Human Society


Adopted at the age of† 9

Siamese Rescue


Adopted at the age off 8


Adopted at the age of 2